Comic Workshops

Join our local children's book artist & comicbook illustrator David Butler this Midterm Break Take ideas to a final page of artwork Learn the basics of script to page Bringing ideas to life Develop the basics of character design Learn the tools of visual storytelling Contact MakePort by Phone/WhatsApp/Text 089-4947612 Email


Advanced Kids Video Editing & Graphics Course

Learn Advanced Editing Techniques Syncing Duel Record AudioCreating Animation Text & Tiles Primary & Secondary Colour Correction Contact us by Phone/WhatsApp/Text 089-4947612Email MakePort on


Greenscreen Filming & Special Effects Camp

The camp runs for 3 days 12pm - 3pm Learn how to film using green screen Create podcast episode/news piece Learn how to write a story for filming using GreenscreenLearn


Online Kids Beginner Video Editing & Graphics Course

This course is a 5 week course every Thursday evening Learn the basic editing techniques using professional software Danvci Dissolve Learn the interface of Danvci Dissolve Learn 3 point editing